Wife and ex boyfriends DAD

Wife and ex boyfriends DAD

Dirty Dating xxx

This is a true story which happened to me and my wife Mandy about seven years ago, which I would like to share with other members of this site. Mandy was divorced when I met her and she’d had her fair share of boyfriends and partners before and after her first marriage too, and she knew how to turn me on by recounting some of her past experiences and what she used to get up to in her younger days.

Like a lot of other guys I had a fantasy of watching her get fucked by another man but for the first three or four years of our marriage nothing ever came of it and we enjoyed a very conventional sex life. Although Mandy was quite happy to tell me all about her past sexual history, which included a few threesomes, one night stands and a couple of lesbian encounters, which always resulted in us having a good shag, she insisted that she’d changed her ways and was now content to be a dutiful wife and mother. All that changed when we met Bill however.

One night in 2003 we were out with some friends in a pub when we were approached by a man in his early sixties. He introduced himself as Bill and said it was nice to see Mandy looking so well and that he hoped her parents were both alright. He had quite a cocky, self-confident manner and Mandy blushed and seemed a bit awkward to me while we chatted.

It turned out that Mandy had gone out with Bill’s son for about a year in the mid 1980s when she was 20. Bill told us what his son was up to these days, married with kids etc. and said that his wife wasn’t half as good-looking as Mandy with a few other remarks too. Eventually the evening came to an end and we went home, saying goodbye to Bill as well before we left. Despite the fairly innocent appearance of it all though, I had an idea that there was more to Bill’s free and easy manner than met the eye.

I was feeling very horny when we got home and so was Mandy and while we were having sex that night she admitted to me that while she had been dating Bill’s son in 1986, she’d fucked Bill as well a few times on the side. It had started when she went round to her boyfriend’s house one day only to find that he’d gone off somewhere with his mates. Bill had been alone in the house because his wife was out too and he and Mandy had ended up fucking on the kitchen table. She told me that she had fucked Bill quite a lot after that while she was still going out with his son, but they’d had to be very careful about it for obvious reasons. Bill was married at the time, although he was divorced now and they both had very good reasons for wanting to keep it a secret from Bill’s son too.

Naturally I was very turned on by all this information. Mandy had told me about some threesomes which she’d had in the past and about a couple of times when she’d cheated on her first husband but she’d never mentioned Bill before. I told her that this story turned me on more than any of the other episodes she’d told me about before. She admitted that she’d thought about telling me the story before but that she had been worried that it might be a little too naughty even for my ears. After all, not only had she fucked a bloke who was 25 years older than her, she’d also been fucking his son at the same time.

While she was telling me all this, my cock was getting very hard again. I’d already fucked her once that night but we were both in a mood for more and while we were screwing I told her I was thinking about Bill fucking her and that if he was here now I’d gladly let him have his way with her again. Mandy was just as turned on as I was and she said she’d love to fuck Bill again in front of me and then let me fuck her afterwards. She told me there’d been lots of times when she’d fucked both father and son on the same day, although never at the same time sadly. We were talking very dirty to each other now, and I said she could fuck Bill again anytime she wanted and Mandy said she would, but only if I was there to watch and join in.

A while later, after I’d deposited a second load of cum in Mandy’s pussy, we were just lying there in bed in silence, thinking things over. Although Mandy had never been shy about describing her past sex life, this was quite a new experience. Not only was it a very kinky story, Bill was actually the first of her previous lovers that I’d actually met in the flesh, at least that I knew of. Even though he was now in his mid-sixties, he had still seemed fairly fit and active that evening and he’d told us that he was now divorced.It didn’t require a great leap of the imagination to realise that he would probably jump at the chance of fucking Mandy again if it was offered to him on a plate, which is just what I had decided I wanted to do.

”Are you serious then?” I asked Mandy, as we lay there holding each other.
”Serious about what?” she replied.
”Serious about fucking Bill again.”
”Yes I am”, she said. ”If you want me to.”
”I do want you to. I want to watch you fuck him and then I want to fuck you after.”
”OK then, you can.”
”And you won’t disappoint me and change your mind in the morning?” I asked, kissing her on the lips and slipping my hand between her thighs.
”No I won’t” Mandy said. ”If you can make it happen I won’t disappoint you.”

And she didn’t. But as this story has already gone on for longer than I expected it would, I am going to leave it here for the time being. But if any readers are interested, I will return later and describe what happened when Mandy, Bill and I got together, which was the start of a very satisfying relationship for all three of us.

Dirty Dating xxx

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